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Melisa has been a councillor for Dun Laoghaire since 2011. She has played a leading role in many campaigns, both locally and nationally. Melisa has worked with Richard Boyd Barrett TD to campaign for public and affordable housing to be built on public land, for real rent controls and to stop evictions. Locally Melisa is campaigning for the development of the council owned site at George’s Place for Public and Affordable Housing.

Melisa set up the Repeal 8 Dun Laoghaire campaign and went on to convene Dún Laoghaire Together for Yes group and was delighted with the 77.1% in favour of Repealing the 8th Amendment in the constituency.

Melisa is convener of Save Our Seafront which has successfully campaigned to protect the Baths Site from private development, to Keep Dublin Bay Oil Rig Free and to bring Dun Laoghaire Harbour back under local democratic control.

Melisa holds her advice clinic in Richard Boyd Barrett’s office at 13 Lower George’s Street, Dun Laoghaire on Monday 10am-1pm and Friday 11am-1pm.

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