Since being elected to the Dáil,  Richard Boyd Barrett and other TD’s from the United Left Alliance have continued to battle on behalf of ordinary people against unjust cuts, the bank bail-out and the EU-IMF deal.

A recent survey showed that Richard Boyd Barrett had asked more questions and spoken more times than almost any other TD; challenging the government on:

  • cuts to special needs
  • bus cuts
  • social housing
  • the EU-IMF programme and the bank bail-out
  • the need for jobs, politicians pay
  • social welfare cuts.

Richard and the other ULA TD’s have all kept their promise to take only the  average industrial wage  and give the rest of their salary to campaigns and the task of building a real political alternative. Richard said:

“It’s great we have five TD’s elected. However, the Dáil is for the most part, a bubble that is detached from the reality and suffering experienced by most ordinary people. With the EU-IMF deal and the government betraying their pre-election promises, we need to build a mass movement against the cuts and to demand real action on jobs and economic recovery.”