Free Wi-Fi

You should not have to go to Starbucks to get free Wi-Fi. Free Wi-Fi should be made available in Dublin city centre and in all council and state public parks managed by the Office of Public Works (Stephen’s Green, War Memorial Garden, Phoenix Park and St Enda’s).

Drinking fountains

We want to end dependence on bottled water in plastic containers which have an adverse effect on our environment and human health. We want drinking fountains in areas of heavy footfall.

Street furniture

We need more benches around the city to encourage peopel to utilise public space.

People Before Profit will adopt a planning strategy of 10-15% green space for each electoral division. We shall also push for parklets – the use of waste empty space for seating, planting and art installation.

Parks and parklets

Dublin needs more green spaces. Planning standards recommend devoting 15-20% of the land in cities to open green spaces. Phoenix Park is clearly a large open space – but smaller open spaces are needed in built up areas. Currently, Dublin City Council appears to have an ‘in-fill’ approach to new housing but this sometimes involves taking away green spaces from neighbourhoods, as occurred at Weaver Square in the Liberties.

Create urban living rooms

We need to restore a sense of community to break down social isolation. We will create ‘urban living rooms’ which are places where people can sit down and chat to strangers.

Shopping centres as public realms

The owners of shopping centres treat these venues as their own private property and only allow non-commercial communications to passers-bye at their whim. We shall insist that entrances to these centres become part of a public realm open to all citizens.