Children’s play areas

A recent study ranked children’s mobility in Ireland in 12th place out of 16 countries, and found that only 17% of children surveyed walk to school compared to 47% in 1981. Children have less free areas to play in because the city is shaped by profit and designed for cars. Planning must be linked to the provision of more playgrounds and more informal spaces for play.

Allotments and community vegetable gardens

Where any waste land is identified, it must be made available for public allotments to allow those without their own gardens to grow fruit, vegetables, and other plants.

Dog runs

Create special dog runs in designated public parks.

Cycle green ways

Create a special Dublin Bay route from Howth to Bray. Create a Liffey route from Dublin Bay to Lucan as part of a programme of cycle routes.

Save our public swimming pools

Dublin City Council is systematically running down public swimming pools. A recently refurbished city centre pool, The Markievicz, is due for demolition to make way for Metro link. People Before Profit will save these pools.

Public gyms

Why should you have to pay over €500 a year to exercise? People Before Profit want more indoor public gyms. Free open air gym facilities should also be provided in many of our parks.