Dublin has become one of the most vibrant, multicultural cities in Europe. It brims with energy, humour and culture. But it has its problems.

Our cities are snarled up with traffic. Cars produce emissions which are not good for our health.  Each year 1,200 people die in Ireland from illness associated with poor air quality. Half of these are caused by car exhausts.

Dublin is also a costly city – and not just for the high rents. Public transport is expensive. You can pay more than €2.50 for a cup of coffee, just to sit down. Mobile phone companies charge too much for access to wi-fi. Tickets for concerts are far higher than elsewhere. A night out can cost a fortune.

Dublin has also become a dirty city with some backstreets becoming dumping grounds for waste.

However, these problems are all surmountable.

We need a left-wing city council that is willing to bring change. It won’t be easy because we are currently run by people who think of the city as just a market place for business. Change will mean standing up to an unelected city manager who controls our local authorities.

Every minute of every day smoke belches out from the Poolbeg incinerator, despite the fact that the people of Dublin never wanted it.

Unelected officials pushed through a secret deal with Covanta to set it up – despite the fact that 52 out of 54 councillors voted against it. It was a dramatic illustration of who runs this city.

We cannot allow this type of undemocratic control to continue – and People Before Profit is pledged to fight it.

A left-wing city council will fight the Fine Gael dominated central government for more resources and in some cases changes to the law. A left wing council will not just pass resolutions behind closed doors. It will mobilise the citizens through a movement of people power to bring change.