Melisa Halpin – People before Profit Councillor

melisa halpin portraitMelisa Halpin is the  People Before Profit Councillor in Dun Laoghaire.  She replaced Richard Boyd Barrett on the Council after his election to the Dáil. Melisa is from Blackrock and has worked with Richard and People Before Profit since it was established in 2006.   Melisa is standing in the local elections on May 23rd as a candidate for People Before Profit.  In her time as a councillor  Melisa has worked on many local issues including; Housing Action Campaign, Save our Seafront, Campaign to protect Dublin Bay,  Water charges, Loughlinstown Hospital, Defend Local Bus Services.  Melisa has been an active trade unionist serving as PRO on the Dublin City Branch Executive of IMPACT.


Cuts to Special Needs Assistants and Resource Hours

This government is savagely attacking special needs educational provision. In its election manifesto Labour promised to “support schools, parents and children with special educational needs by ensuring that necessary supports follow a child from primary to second level”, but Ruairi Quinn, Labour Minister for Education, has announced a 10% cut to resource hours allocated to each school.

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Council Betrays Promises on Baths

Last January the council finally agreed to progress the proposals for a public swimming amenity at Dun Laoghaire Baths.   But in May, when it came to agreeing the spending programme for the next 4 years, the manager proposed to allocate only €1.5m for the baths. Meanwhile, the Manager also proposed, to spend a €35 million on building a new library headquarters on Moran’s Park.

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Dun Laoghaire Harbour Masterplan – More apartment madness!

dún laoghaire harbour protest group photoThe  Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company  has proposed a €250 million redevelopment of  Dun Laoghaire Harbour. Incredibly, the plan includes proposals for 300 multi-storey apartments. Clearly, the Harbour Company have not noticed that speculative property development caused the current economic crash. With hundreds of thousands of empty properties and ghost estates across the country the harbour company’s plan for more apartments is totally unacceptable and repeats all the mistakes of the Celtic Tiger era.

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New Government – Same Old Bus Cuts!

Prior to the general election local residents and the People  Before Profit Alliance organised protests opposing the removal of the 46a from Monkstown Farm and cuts to the other bus services in the area. Labour and Fine Gael TD’s including Eamon Gilmore and Sean Barrett said they supported the campaign,  but once in government they have continued to carry through the cuts, both locally and across the city.

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New Plan for Social Housing – Another Bailout for Developers

boarded up house photoThe Government has announced that it will build no more council houses! Delivery of social housing will now be by an extension of the Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) and long-term leasing. These schemes will see councils rent houses and apartments at market value from a landlord and use it to house someone from the housing list. The tenant then pays a rent to the council. The length of the lease will be three, five, ten or twenty years.

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Community Gardens, more needed!

Since the Shanganagh Community Beach Gardens opened last year it has proved to be a great success. There are dozens of local residents and community groups now involved and coming together in a communal spirit to grow their own vegetables. As the work on the sewage treatment plant draws to a close the community gardens are set to double in size.

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